What I Ate Today 5/14/15

Back on the wagon with clean eating.  I never really recovered from our trip to Mexico. I took a vacation from clean eating as well and two months later I’m up 10 pounds. Lesson learned. Summer is on it’s way and I have some serious work to do. Today went pretty well, I had three meals and no snacks.


Breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes from Practical Paleo.



These are delicious and really hit the spot when craving carb-loaded pancakes. They are topped with real maple syrup and fresh berries.


Lunch: left over roasted chicken with asparagus


Even though it wasn’t much, it tasted great and filled me up. It is topped with a home made mayo.


Dinner: Turkey burger, “mock” lima bean soup (no lima beans!) with smoked ham hocks and more asparagus and homemade mayo.


I’ll post a recipe for the soup soon, it was really good.


Not a bad first day back at Paleo.

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