Monthly Weigh In #1


Hello everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Welcome to my first Monthly Weigh In; a review of how my month went, what worked, what didn’t and how much weight I’ve lost.

As you can see, my weight is down from 210 to 204.3. I’ve lost 5.7 pounds in the last 5 weeks. The most important thing I want to share about this past month is that I haven’t dieted at all. Not one day. No measuring, no figuring out calories or points, no tracking what I’ve eaten. All I’ve done is eat real food and I have lost 5.7 pounds practically effortlessly. I cannot stress how exciting this is for me! I have never lost weight without obsessing over every single thing I put in my mouth and being hungry the whole time.

It’s harvest time on the farm and things have been a little crazy around here. Last night my husband was not able to get home in time to take Garrett to baseball. Off I rushed at the last minute, 30 minutes away, knowing I would not be able to make dinner. Here’s where having a set meal plan ready really came in handy. I was able to let my husband know where the meal plan was in the kitchen so he was able to find it and find what was for dinner that night. I always note which cookbook (if any) I’m using that night plus jot down the page number. He was able to find all the information and we were able to eat dinner at 8:30 when we walked back in the door for practice. Saved again by the weekly meal plan!

We are off this weekend for a baseball tournament. Hope everyone has a great week!


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