The Joy of Backyard Chickens




It only took about a year of begging for my husband to finally agree to backyard chickens. He had all kinds of worries: they would smell, they would be loud and messy, they would be hard to take care of, etc. etc. etc. Finally on Mother’s Day of this year I got my wish. My gift that year was a promise to build me a coop and get some chickens! I was so excited!

We looked at several places for coops. Costco had one but it was too small. We spent a lot of time on Craig’s List, and there were a lot for sale there, but my husband was convinced that he and my father-in-law could build something even better. And boy did they ever! The coop comfortably fits 5 chickens.



Our chickens have been actually pretty easy to take care of. I make sure they have fresh water and feed everyday, and I clean the poop out of the coop once a week. That’s about it.

There is an open area on the bottom of the coop for the chickens to scratch around. But they love being out in the yard. I let them out three or four times a week. They scratch and peck around for bugs. They also like to dig holes to get down to the cool dirt. My husband isn’t thrilled with this, but I just fill the holes in when I put the chickens away. I love to sit on a Saturday morning with my coffee and newspaper and watch them in the back yard. When I’m ready to put them away I just yell “Come on girls!” and they all come right back to the coop.

We haven’t had any problems with the coop smelling, even in the heat of summer. I’ve noticed flies just the last couple weeks, but it’s October and that’s normal for northern California.

Although I live in the country, it would be easy to keep two or three chickens in town. They are quiet, clean and really easy to take care of.



My nieces love to come over and look for eggs! The side of the coop has a flip down side to make it easy to gather the eggs. Most days I get five eggs.



Nothing beats fresh eggs. This is the best reward for keeping chickens!


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