The Joy of Backyard Chickens

    It only took about a year of begging for my husband to finally agree to backyard chickens. He had all kinds of worries: they would smell, they would be loud and messy, they would be hard to take care of, etc. etc. etc. Finally on Mother’s Day of this year I got my […]

Five Tips for Saving Money When Eating Paleo

You can save money while eating a paleo or whole foods diet. Here’s how: 1.  Plan your meals for the week. If you do just one thing on this list, do this one. Making a meal plan for the week is the one thing you can do to lessen your grocery bill. If you don’t […]

Paleo Meal Planning 101

Okay, I’m going to say something that a lot of you are not going to like to hear. Meal planning is make or break for a well body and well mind. Before I started meal planning sometimes meals were planned, but more often than not I would be standing in my kitchen at 5:30 trying […]